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To coincide with the 57th Venice Biennale 2017, Faurschou Foundation is pleased to present two historically important exhibitions at the Fondazione Giorgio Cini; “Us Silkscreeners…”, and Late Series. The two presentations will provide visitors with in-depth insight into the later period of Robert Rauschenberg’s practice, as well as to give unique insight into his introduction to the practice of silkscreen printing.

“Us Silkscreeners…”, will focus on Rauschenberg’s and Warhol’s early silkscreen practice, bringing together two of their very first works, Rauschenberg’s Renascence and a piece by Warhol’s Dollar Bills Series. In the early ‘60s, both artists were experimenting with new techniques and in 1962 the artists had an inspirational meeting, where they discussed technique, and approach. Subsequently, both went on to produce works using silkscreen imagery from photography – a first for both artists. Open until August 27, 2017 / |


Andy Warhol and Robert Rauschenberg at the Pergamon Museum 1982. © Christopher Makos, 1982.


Robert Rauschenberg – Renascence – 1962 © Robert Rauschenberg Foundation


Andy Warhol – Rauschenberg – 1962. Courtesy of Fondazione Cini Venezia

This is the first time works chronicling the artists’ relationship have been brought together, and the exhibition will be complemented by a study room with film, books and further information. The exhibition marks the return of Rauschenberg works to Venice, where he was awarded a Golden Lion Award for his breakthrough practice with silkscreens in 1964.

The second part of the exhibition, Late Series, will depict how Rauschenberg used the transfer technique throughout his career, with key works from the late 80s, 90s and 2000s. Late Series will build on the story of the early silkscreens, presenting artworks from some of the most important later series by Rauschenberg, including Borealis, Urban Bourbon, Scenarios, and the last series before his death, Runts.


Andy Warhol – One Dollar Bill (Back) – 1962 Courtesy of Fondazione Cini Venezia


Robert Rauschenberg – Random Want (Scenarios) – 2003 © Robert Rauschenberg Foundation


Robert Rauschenberg – Random Want (Detail) – 2003 © Robert Rauschenberg Foundation


Robert Rauschenberg – Orange Fill (Runt) – 2007 © Robert Rauschenberg Foundation


Installation view of ‘Robert Rauschenberg: Late Series’ at Faurschou Foundation Venice


Robert Rauschenberg, Catch (Urban Bourbon), 1993 © Robert Rauschenberg Foundation


Installation view at Faurschou Foundation Venice.


Robert Rauschenberg / Late Series – Runt © Robert Rauschenberg Foundation.


Installation view of ‘Robert Rauschenberg: Late Series’ at Faurschou Foundation Venice


“Robert Rauschenberg”, de Dennis Hopper, 1966 © Robert Rauschenberg Foundation


Rauschenberg on the day of his meeting with fellow silkscreener Andy Warhol. © Robert Rauschenberg Foundation


Courtesy of Fondazione Cini Venezia


Courtesy of Fondazione Cini Venezia

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