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Moda 10/10 : FABRICA presents Tutti Frutti, a collection of glass sculptures inspired by vibrant Miami. Selected by François Bernard and Moda team for 10/10 exhibition, Tutti Frutti is a collection by Fabrica of ten limited-edition glass sculptures made for displaying or serving fruit in a fascinating combination of the pure clarity of glass and the natural wholesomeness of fresh fruit. Elaborate three-dimensional compositions – which stand up by themselves or are made to be hung – in a perfect balance between the multicoloured verve of different fruits and the fragility of glass. The collection includes Carmina by Sam Baron; the glass is seen only when it holds fruit, delicately placed in a frame as if hanging from a tree branch, or snugly set in a glass nest, the fruit is centrally positioned in the composition as if it were floating in the air. Charlotte Juillard’s Summer Rain is as unexpected as a summer shower: strawberries seem to fall from the sky on this candelabra, held by a structure of six hanging tubes, each of which goes in a different direction. Others projects by Daniela Mesina, Valentina Carretta, Kirsty Minns, Mariana Fernandes, Catarina Carreiras, DavidRaffoul and Giorgia Zanellato.

Photo above:  Carmina 2, Tuttifrutti © Sam Baron

Top Cherry. , Tuttifrutti © Giorgia Zanellato

Cocco, Tuttifrutti © Kirsty Minns

Sin, Tuttifrutti © David Raffoul

Summer Rain, Tuttifrutti © Charlotte Juillard

Tuttifrutti © Sam Baron

Guglielmo!, Tuttifrutti © Daniela Mesina

See-Saw, Tuttifrutti © Catarina Carreiras